Accion Group’s diverse team of consultants is prepared to meet your utility management needs. From regulation to re-structuring, Accion Group can help your team maximize its potential and output.

Regulatory Experience

Accion Group personnel have more than 20 years of direct participation with regulators in formulating regulatory policies, and applying these policies to the “real world” in a manner that equitably balances the financial and operational integrity of utilities, and the interests of affected customers. Thanks to Accion Group’s extensive experience in designing, advocating, and establishing regulatory policy, our consultants are frequently called upon by both regulated utilities and utility regulators in many jurisdictions to provide advice on regulatory strategy and compliance. Furthermore, Accion has facilitated negotiations among diverse parties in rationalizing power supply portfolios, frequently serving as the representative to the involved regulator. By pursuing collaborative solutions, Accion Group has successfully produced sustainable results without costly and prolonged proceedings, saving time and money for all concerned.

T&D Specialists

With an average of thirty years of individual experience constructing and operating transmission and distribution systems in the United States and overseas, Accion Group’s transmission and distribution professionals are well-versed in siting matters, interconnection requirements and responsibilities, bulk power system planning, and transmission system design, and are also experienced in investigations of safety and reliability, implementation of public policy in the electric and gas industries, and in investigations of unit outage and system outage causes. The proliferation of distributed generation and small scale generation requires review of transmission and distribution systems as never before, and Accion professionals are prepared to assist our clients in this time of evolution.

Risk Analysis and Management

Accion Group provides guidance on issues of business strategy and development, finance sourcing and security analysis, and resource planning design and management of generation facilities. Our consultants, with an average of three decades of experience in the energy industry, have led engagements advising utility clients on matters relating to management audits, regulatory strategy, and regulatory litigation practices. Our risk management consultants also specialize in advising utilities on bankruptcy issues, and have participated in regulatory proceedings, often providing expert testimony. Every acquisition, whether by construction, contract or construction, presents long term risk management challenges that Accion Group is prepared to address with our clients.

Restructuring and Re-Engineering

Having led the financial and operational restructuring and re-engineering of dozens of companies across the United States, including both public and private firms in the energy, telecommunications, security, and information technology industries, Accion Group’s consultants offer a broad collection of experience in financial and operational restructuring in numerous industries and specific disciplines.

Utility Planning and Management
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Thanks to our consultants’ prior work experience in both electric utilities and the government entities regulating the industry, Accion Group provides advice and assistance to state regulatory agencies in situations requiring in-depth understanding of business issues that affect power supply management. These services have been through direct engagement with regulators and in the review and critique of utility plans. Our team’s ability to facilitate crucial negotiations and manage complex transactions has led to Accion Group’s involvement in numerous engagements to aid in the restructuring of complex power supply portfolios and rate setting. By providing practical advice drawn from years of in-house experience, Accion is able to facilitate efficient implementation of planning and avoid unnecessary rancor and litigation.


Accion Group’s team has extensive experience with production cost models and expansion plan models used in resource planning, including Strategist, Prosym, PROMOD, and Aurora XMP. Additionally, Accion Group makes available a full dispatch model to our clients, Strategic Energy Risk Valuation Model (SERVM), which was developed in cooperation with Southern Company and is used in resource adequacy planning, valuing energy-limited resources such as wind, solar, and hydro, and in demand-response resources.

Strategic Energy Planning

Accion Group has assisted utilities across the nation to define their strategies, including restructuring strategies to compete in the deregulated market, regulatory strategies, and corporate strategies, and to effectively allocate resources to pursue defined strategies. In working with clients such as Duke Energy, Georgia Power Company, Kansas City Power & Light, Xcel, among others, Accion’s consultants have assisted with issues particularly relevant to each individual utility. Drawing on this experience provides your clients with practical approaches and solutions instead of theory.

Our consultants have performed resource adequacy assessments and optimum reserve margin studies for clients in order to analyze reliability risks and recommend new optimal target reserve margins, and have also advised on regulatory strategy and power supply management issues. Furthermore, Accion Group has advised Commissions on strategic options available in the areas of power supply planning, cost mitigation, and financial management, and has advised on strategies for managing power supply portfolios.

Accion Group’s experienced consultants offer advice on: Strategic options available in the areas of power supply planning, cost mitigation, and financial management; Development of regulatory approaches to manage price volatility; Evaluation and negotiation of power supply contracts, focusing on reliability of supply, flexibility, and financial security; Strategic options for managing power supply portfolios, including for identifying market opportunities to divest non-economic assets and for developing market intelligence; and Restructuring of payment schedules and available delivery options.

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Our team of expert consultants is prepared to work with you to meet your needs. Accion Group’s consultants have in-depth knowledge of every facet of the energy industry, and are ready to identify and provide for the unique obligations of utilities, regulators, and stakeholders alike. When you want more than theory, Accion Group is here to help.

Our Experience

For more than 20 years Accion Group has provided consulting services to utilities and regulators nationwide in both conventional and renewable energies.

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Accion Group’s diverse team of consultants have a breadth of experience in the energy sector, ensuring that we fully appreciate the needs of ratepayers, stakeholders, and regulators.

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