Audit and Operations Review

Our Experience

Accion consultants deliver sound recommendations based on extensive experience as hands-on managers of utilities and decades of advising regulators and corporations across the country. Accion personnel have participated in major utility restructurings, both in- and outside of bankruptcy, and are poised to provide our clients thorough audits and operations analyses promptly and efficiently. This experience provides our clients with practical solutions and thorough review of corporate governance and standards of conduct and compliance.

As part of our audit and operations analysis services, Accion’s team evaluates our clients against a defined set of industry practices, and uses these practices to identify areas of improvement. Recommendations that flow from our audits are practical, prioritized, and within the resources of our clients.

What We Do

Accion Group conducts audits in the following areas:

Executive Management, including a review of clients’ Board of Directors, Officers, organization structure, strategic and corporate planning, corporate communications and control, administration, and regulatory compliance

System Operations, including a review of fuel supply, system design, system operation and maintenance, system reliability and construction, and system planning

Finance, including a review of cash management, accounting and taxes, budget management and control, internal auditing, corporate finance and financial requirements, and cost control and rates

External Relations, including a review of regulatory relations, governmental affairs, investor relations, and corporate communications

Support Services, including a review of risk management, legal, facilities management, materials management, transportation, information technology, and records management

Construction Monitoring

Accion Group’s diverse consortium of consultants enables our firm to offer a broad range of construction monitoring services, including oversight and management of the design, construction, and operation of generating, pipeline, and transmission facilities.

What We Do

Accion’s hands-on experience in the management of large construction projects allows our team to offer a variety of services, including: transmission assessments for siting and additions, siting of conventional and renewable generating facilities, electric system design and operations, prudence review of generating unit outages, construction design and scheduling, and review of contracts and financing sufficiency.

Our Experience

Having participated in reviews of the construction of various renewable resources, as well as conventional fossil, nuclear, and hydro projects, Accion Group is experienced in assessing both the adequacy and prudence of construction project management processes and procedures. Our consultants have also audited and reported on construction budgets and compliance with environmental and other regulatory requirements.

Accion was previously engaged by the Georgia Public Service Commission to monitor the construction of Georgia Power Company’s McDonough 3 Unit, a 2400 MW, combined cycle project as part of a conversion from coal to natural gas. Recent reviews also include a 1.5 MW wind turbine project and the construction of two nuclear power reactors, with the sufficiency of financing, credit assurances, and contractual obligations being a necessary part of both reviews. Additionally, our consultants have provided services related to prudence reviews conducted on behalf of regulators for several nuclear construction projects, including Palo Verde, South Texas Project, Comanche Peak, San Onofre, and Seabrook.

As part of Accion’s competitive procurement services, Accion consultants have reviewed the construction plans for projects ranging from 1,000 MW coal-fired generating plants, to the retirement and conversion of coal-fired to natural gas generation, as well as utility scale solar and wind projects

With more than forty years of in-depth experience in electric, gas, and water utilities, Accion Group’s diverse consortium of consultants provides insightful, candid, and practical advice to the utility industry and their associated government regulatory bodies. Accion provides a wide range of services within the energy sector, and is uniquely positioned to meet your needs.
Competitive Procurement

Accion offers the most sophisticated online solicitation program especially designed to meet the needs of electric utilities.

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Utility Management

Our Team provides insights in the areas of Regulation, Restructuring, Risk Management, Utility Planning, T&D, and Strategic Energy Planning.

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