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At Accion Group we first envisioned our online solicitation platform as the optimal way to ensure fair solicitations that would be trusted by developers, utilities and regulators alike. Working closely with select utilities and regulators, Accion’s first online RFP website was launched more than fifteen years ago. In the years since, our team at Accion Group has sought to offer our platform to more companies, imploring them to shed the wasteful, labor-intensive
paper bidding process of the past. Today, Accion Group offers the most advanced online RFP management platform in the industry.

Customized To Meet Your Needs

We recognize that every solicitation is unique. Utilities, regulators, and legislators all impact the way your solicitation will be structured. The realities of what the market will provide is ever changing and solicitations must adapt. Accion Group’s web platform is customizable, meaning the website adapts to meet your specific solicitation needs. Our websites have been used for procurements of a variety of resources, terms, and sizes. They have also been used for Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) programs, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), Design- Build Proposals, and more. Read more or contact us to find out how we can help ensure your next solicitation is a success.

Who We Serve

Accion’s Proprietary Platform

Accion offers the most sophisticated online solicitation program especially designed to meet the needs of electric utilities. Our platform is tailored to meet your unique program requirements in the ever-changing procurement environment. By customizing each of our sites, we provide the ability to pick and choose which features are right for your unique solicitation. Some, but far from all, features are highlighted here. For more information, contact us to find out how we can help make your next solicitation a success.

All-in-one Process

Our platform allows you to run your solicitation start-to-finish in one place. Announce your RFP, answer questions and correspond with bidders and interested parties, host registration for your bidders’ conference, solicit comments on RFP documents, collect bids on your customized bid form, receive bid and program fees, and complete contracting all in one place. All bidders have access to the same information at the same time, and all website data, including user activity and communication, is time-and-date-stamped and preserved for regulatory review.

Control And Improve Your Data

The Accion platform allows our clients to build customized bid forms; you provide the fields and dependencies and we take care of the rest. This bid form allows for an all-electronic submittal of each bid, including confidential document uploads, with specific coding to minimize user errors in submissions.

Following the receipt of bids, the Accion platform then helps boost how you use your data; create customized reports from any of the thousands of data fields in your bid form; zip and download select documents for review; request corrected bid submissions and documents from bidders, and more.

Procurement Website Capabilities

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Industry Experience

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