Accion’s employees

At Accion Group we take pride in our consultants and employees; our diverse team of industry experts work collaboratively to provide the best value to our clients. With varied backgrounds in the energy industry and technology sector, our consultants understand the needs of utilities, stakeholders, consumer advocates, and regulators.

Harold T. Judd
With more than forty years of diverse experience in regulated industries and emerging markets, Harry leads Accion Group's engagements across the country and specializes in advising regulators and utilities on strategies for the electric utility post-deregulation era. As President and co-founder of Accion Group, Harry’s background as a consumer advocate, federal prosecutor, state's counsel, and counsel for utilities and energy markets provides a unique real-world perspective to our clients.
Leadership team
F. Harris Burpee III
Vice President
Harris’ specialties include database design, implementation, and management, and web-based project management, programming, and IT consulting services.
Marcus Jackson
Senior Consultant
As an engineer and former utility executive, Marc specializes in practical insights into corporate governance, utility finance, administration, and regulatory affairs.
David Ball
Senior Consultant
With more than thirty years of experience in utilities, Dave specializes in economic evaluation of projects and marginal cost evaluations for customers and utilities.
Consulting team
Alan Kessler
Senior Consultant
Alan’s primary focus is in planning and operations analysis, financial and operational issues in restructuring energy markets, and fuels management.
Philip B. Layfield
Senior Consultant
A transmission and distribution expert by trade, Phil focuses on the review and analyze of T&D operations, costs, and planning assumptions and determinations.
Ralph Monsalvatge
Senior Consultant
With more than thirty-five years of experience with one of the largest electric utilities, Ralph works in resource planning and modeling of supply-side generation proposals.
Garey Rozier
Senior Consultant
Garey uses his forty years of senior utility management experience to provide unparalleled insight into the ever-evolving industry.
Sheri Vincent-Crisp
Sheri provides over thirteen years of experience in project management for our diverse portfolio of engagements of energy procurements.
John B. Hart
John has more than thirty years’ experience in the power supply industry. His primary focus is in understanding strategic and regulatory issues faced by utilities.
Nick Wintermantel
Nick’s focus is in regulated utility planning and electric market modeling. His expertise in evaluation methodologies used for resource planning is invaluable.
Kevin Carden
With a background in computer modeling and software design, Kevin works in planning and assessment of reliability requirements and demand-side pricing and evaluation.
George Wiltsee
An engineer with more than forty years of experience, George provides expertise in utility-scale renewable energy projects and public energy sector cost reduction.
Hilary Judd
With a focus in customer experience and communication, Hilary works to provide individualized technical support and project-based written deliverables.
Usha T. Shrestha
Usha works alongside Harris to build all of Accion’s procurement websites. She uses her technical expertise and legal training to assist our clients customize their websites.
Chapin Bassi
Chapin works closely with Accion’s consultants to provide both technical and data-driven support across various projects and websites.