Nuclear Decommissioning

Accion Group’s consultants have assisted nuclear station owners and regulators in all areas of decommissioning planning, including both funding decisions and the actual decommissioning of retired plants. Accion Group has been involved in nuclear consulting engagements across the nation, including in New England, New Jersey, Georgia, and Arizona.

Accion's Engagements

Accion Group provides full staffing to the New Hampshire Nuclear Decommissioning Finance Committee (NDFC), which is charged with overseeing the planning, scope, and funding of decommissioning the Seabrook Nuclear Power Station. As consultants to the NDFC, our team provides full legal services, from drafting the controlling legislation through to the annual determination of funding contributions.

Previously, Accion Group advised Georgia regulators on the construction of two additional nuclear units at the Vogtle Nuclear Station; our review included decommissioning planning, cost projections, sufficiency of existing decommissioning trust balances, and review of ISFSI planning.

Accion Group also advised Arizona regulators on the decommissioning costs of the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station, provided an independent review of the decommissioning plan and advised on the selection of a decommissioning firm for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Additionally, Accion Group provided consulting services to New Jersey regulators regarding the acquisition of three nuclear units by Exelon.

Accion Group’s talented team offers decades of experience in planning and funding of nuclear decommissioning across the United States. Our consultants are prepared to work with utilities, regulators, and the public to ensure decommissioning plans are comprehensive, conscientious, and in line with industry standards.
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For more than 20 years Accion Group has provided consulting services to utilities and regulators nationwide in both conventional and renewable energies.

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Accion Group’s diverse team of consultants have a breadth of experience in the energy sector, ensuring that we fully appreciate the needs of ratepayers, stakeholders, and regulators.

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